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POS (Point of Sale) Simplified

How is this different to all the other POS out there?

Our System Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing E-Commerce Website*

No "Till" Required

This POS works on ANY device that is capable of opening a website browser! - Yes, even those cheap one’s. (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone)
The system uses an API system so it’s fast….very fast!
Like Elton Jantjies fast!

Full Control

You can take full control of one or multiple locations in real time.

NO Software Fees

There is a once off setup fee and a nominal 12month licence fee for the POS System. No need for additional software or hardware to run the system.

Central Stock Control

Your entire stock can be managed from one central place. No need for stock control on the website and stock control in your physical store. It is all in one place.

Instant Synchronisation of Stock

Your stock levels between your online store and your physical store will automatically and instantly update whenever a sale is completed. Saving you time on keeping track of inventory.

Multiple Stores, Multiple Checkout Points

You can manage unlimited physical locations with unlimited “Cashiers”, all from one central point.

Barcodes? They are expensive!

No need for any barcodes, your POS will run on your unique SKU, so there is no need for barcodes. Saving you even more money!

Easy to use/Learn Interface

The POS is a very intuitive system, easy to use, easy to operate.

Sales Reports

As the admin, you will have instant and live access to sales reports across all your locations.

Loadshedding? No Problem!

As long as your devices are connected to the internet, your POS system will still operate. (Wireless, battery-operated Printers are also available)

Reduced Paper Use

The system can email clients invoices/receipts, saving time and money. (Also good for the environment too!)

Setup/Implementation Time

If you already have your E-Commerce store setup, we can have your POS up and running within 1-2hrs. (Seriously! 1-2hrs!)

*Only applicable to WordPress sites running WooCommerce

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some questions you may have....

What if I do not have, or do not want an Online E-Commerce Store/Website?

No problem, as the system is web-based, we will need to create an E-Commerce website, but you will not need to use it at all, and can trade in just your physical store. (We can create a one page information website from it so you look cool and stand out from other small businesses)

How does it work?

If you already have your Ecommerce website up and running, we install the POS System within it, effectively making your website the POS system.

Can I still do online orders?

Your Website will run as normal, you will just have the added functionality of running a POS through it.

How does the stock control work? Other POS Systems never seem to coordinate stock between physical and online stores?

The POS acts exactly like your E-Commerce Platform, so the moment a customer purchases a product in your physical store, the stock is automatically updated. Your physical and online store will therefore always have the same stock quantities.

Where/How do I update Stock?

You log into the back end of your website, and update your stock as usual, except now you have one central point of stock control and don’t need to update stock in two or three places.

Can I customise my Printed/Virtual Receipts?

You receipts can be customised to include QR codes, TC’s & C’s promotions and any other information that you would like to add. The process is very simple and we will train you to do the updates.

Will I need to schedule lengthy training on using the system?

Nope! The system is very intuitive and we will provide you training on the system, which you can then train your staff on.


For how many Stores/Locations/Cashiers can I use this system for?

You can use this for any number of stores. Each cashier will have their own unique login details and they can be used between stores. So cashiers are not tied to one location.

What are the minimum requirements?

1. An E-Commerce-based website. | 2. Stable internet connection. (It doesn’t have to be fast, you must just have some kind of connection) | 3. Any device that can connect to the internet and use a Website Browser. (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge)


Costs? How much will this cost me?

Depending on your current setup, the initiation costs start from R5000, with a fully setup system. A R2500 yearly licence fee is applicable to be able to use the POS System. (Rechargeable battery operated thermal printers can be arranged at extra cost)


Hidden Costs?

If you do not already have an established E-Commerce website, there is a 12-monthly charge for your domain name of R89, in the case of a domain and then a monthly hosting fee starting at R99.


Can I see a Demo?

Of course! We have a demo site available and will gladly take you through the process. Contact us to arrange a demo.


Maintenance? Someone needs to assist if things go wrong, and keep things running well.

We provide a very comprehensive maintenance package for as little as R250/month.


Technical Support? Is there still such a thing?

We have technicians available to assist with your concerns, we will endeavour to assist in any queries you may have. (Additional and more in-depth training can be arranged)


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